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Appreciating Your Body

Appreciating Your Body

At certain times of the year we become focused on getting our body ready for Summer or detoxing in the New Year…however, looking after our bodies, giving to our body, nurturing our physical self - is not selfish, it’s a must! And as we head in to Ramadhan here in the Middle East and the pace of life slows down a little – what better time to reflect on the miracle of our bodies and appreciate them.

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Self care has become very prominent in Social Media and rightly so. We should incorporate it into a regular weekly or monthly routine.


We work, we look after children, we go from appointment to appointment, we manage the household, our finances, we are cooking, we are cleaning, we are doing more and more but have we forgetten the art to Self Care – to look after our bodies which in turn impacts on our physical, emotional and overall wellbeing.


Self Care doesn’t have to take a lot of time or energy, it can be as simple as stretching out your body as soon as you wake up. Everyone has a nice big yawn and stretch in them, try it, when you are laying down stretch out your arms over your head, stretch up your chest, stretch out your legs and rotate your feet. You will feel so good. Be grateful for your breathe, your body, your strength, your life, then climb out of bed and start your day.


Exercise is great for our bodies and also our minds, it gets the endorphins going and releases all the good serotonin and gets the blood pumping and oxygenates our whole body. There are so many forms of exercise from Pilates, yoga to high impact training, running, walking, dancing, swimming, cycling – there is something for everyone. Try a few things and see what your body responds to the most and invigorates your senses and soul. Make it fun by buddying up with a friend. It’s amazing how quickly the time goes when you are walking and chatting with a friend or doing a class together, laughing with each other and motivating each other to keep going. It then becomes a great way to catch up with people we love and feeds our sense of emotional wellbeing too!


Creating a home “spa” is another really simple idea and only takes about 20 to 30 minutes or how ever long you would have. Light a candle in your bathroom, play some of your favourite music, grab a magazine or listen to an empowering podcast, get fresh towels, run a bath and add in beautiful bath salts and a moisturizing bath oil, put on a face mask and a moisturizing hair mask then luxuriate and soak up the goodness for around 20mins. This is a great way to remineralize as good and natural bath salts are full of trace minerals that the body needs to function.


While still in the bath, stand up and give yourself a beautiful body scrub. As you scrub and nourish yourself think positive thoughts, be grateful for your body, admire yourself. The Mauli Himalayan Hand and Body Scrub is absolutely DIVINE and your skin will feel so smooth. The scent is so incredible – you will feel and smell like you have been in a proper Spa all day!


When you have rinsed everything off of your body and face and hair, grab a cosy towel or bath robe and wrap yourself up and you will be glowing from head to toe. Believe me, you will feel amazing and you have simply activated all those good feel vibes and given our physical selves some beautiful care.


There are lots of tools and devices that are quick and easy to use through the week when you are chilling and watching your fave Netflix show or when you have limited time but want to give yourself a pep up. The Jamila have in stock the Derma Roller to stimulate our natural collagen and elastin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Did you know we also have derma rollers for the body which is wonderful for stretch marks, cellulite, spots and pigmentation. The Gua Sha & Facial Roller in Rose Quartz improves oxygenation, remove toxins and gives a bright healthy glow. Wrinkles Schminkles pads – Silicone pads which you can use on your décolletage, eyes, neck, mouth and forehead to soften wrinkles, hydrate, moisturize and bring blood flow to the area and the best part is you can put the pads on before you go to bed and it works while you are sleeping! Multi tasking at it’s best!


Looking after our physical body has so many benefits to how we look, how we feel and how we project ourselves – our confidence. It boosts our mood, elevates our motivation and grounds our senses so we then connect and are more in tune with our body. When we connect with our physical self we can heal aspects of ourselves really simply and when we do that we shine and feel magical.


What will you do to give yourself some physical selfcare?


Visit The Jamila for an amazing selection of Candles, Bath Oil and Salts, Body and Scrubs, Face Masks, Body Moisturisers, Body Oils & Tools. There is so much to choose from you to suit all skin requirements. Have fun choosing products for your personal Self Care Ritual to feel and look fabulous.

Wishing you all the wellness life has to offer, and Ramadhan Kareem to those who celebrate.



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