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Healthy home, healthy you!

Healthy home, healthy you!

We live in a society of materialism, ‘Quick fix, I need, I want, buy buy buy….but does it give you satisfaction? Does it make you feel grateful?

Who has watched the darling Marie Kondo on Netflix? How has it changed the way you think about your home or the ‘stuff’ that you have? Even if you haven’t watched it, what is your home space like? Do you come home and feel weighed down by clutter and and a sense of unease at the disorganisation of your home as soon as you walk in the door? Piles of unread magazines...too many sheets or towels never used...unusable drawers in the kitchen stuffed with utensils you've not used...

How does this truly make you feel? Do you fear decluttering as you don't know where to start? Cluttered space = Cluttered mind. Have you thought about how freeing it can be? How the energy can shift in a tidy or organised home?

Detoxing and cleansing our homes is a great opportunity to make space, get clarity and get rid of the things that no longer make us feel good, rid our home of things that are no longer useful or are broken and don’t work. It can be an overwhelming process but just simply start with a kitchen cupboard or your desk drawer or one of your clothes drawers. Take everything out and only put back the things that you really love and you use all the time. Eliminate the items that you no longer need – donating to charity is a good way to give away things knowing that you are sending it out for someone else to receive and enjoy.

When I ran my Personal Styling business in London, a good clear out was part of the job. Before the reward of a major shop it was absolutely necessary to remove everything from the wardrobes and sort through it all. What started out in client's emotions as a little panic and unease quickly turned into elation and pride at having tackled the job, worked out what suited them, thinned down the wardrobe to items that truly made my clients feel fabulous. They were left with space for the new and beautiful items they would purchase and a clear list of what they needed rather than random items. When tackling the wardrobe space I always began with 3 piles: 

Piles 1 - I love it and wear it all the time

Pile 3 - I hate it and never wear it

Pile 2 - Meh...I don't know what to do with this 

Pile 3 was always the easiest to begin with as that was either giving to charity/friends or binning.

Pile 1 was next as these were items that people really connected with and usually was a good choice. I would just be checking for fit, stains, quality, buttons missing. Sometimes we would need to repurchase if too worn.

Pile 2 was always a big learning curve for my clients - it's where all those items that you purchase go that you've never worn or don't like for some reason. I could explain all of this to them which was really useful. Sometimes we could tailor things to make it work, sometimes they just needed to go into the charity pile.

Many of my cients told me that I lit a fire in them for cleansing their entire houses as they applied my three pile approach to each room in the house. I was always thrilled to see people take on that philosophy. 

Once you start and you get into a flow and rhythm, you will feel lighter and empowered to tackle any task. You will be surprised at how good it feels when you go to a cupboard and find exactly what you need.

It is also good to cleanse our home to get rid of the toxins that can build up without you realising it. What are you using to clean your kitchen benches? Or your bathrooms? Or your floors? What candles are you burning? What perfume oils are you putting in your burner or the incence sticks you are using? Unfortunately many of these items are toxic even though they may claim to be “natural” but in fact the ingredients are highly chemical and over time build up and leave residue that can really affect our mental health and wellbeing.

It is a good idea to read the ingredients not only on our food labels but its important to read the ingredients of the items that we think smell lovely and are cleaning our homes or washing our clothes.

What we inhale is as important as want we ingest. It is amazing the impact it can have on our surroundings and our beautiful bodies.

Toxins and chemicals when absorbed by our bodies and in particular our brains have been researched and studies show that toxic heavy metals have been linked to causing depression, weight gain, loss of memory, anger/short tempers, sleeping disorders, infertility, cancer and many more major negative responses in our bodies.

It is important to surround yourself with clean, chemical free and clutter free environments as it has a huge impact on how we feel not only mentally but physically and emotionally. To walk into a clean, fresh chemical free room invigorates our senses and connects us to feelings of warmth, clarity, joy, happiness and ultimately love. When we love the space we live in, it shows in everything that we do for ourselves, our loved ones and our environment.

What are the changes you can make in your home to enliven and revitalize you?

Here are some products we have available at The Jamila to encourage you in your Spring Inspired Home Cleaning Journey:

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