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The Beauty of Bathing

The Beauty of Bathing

There are very few rituals that we still enjoy in the 21st Century as much as the ancient practice of bathing. Light a candle, grab a magazine and unwind...

Baths and bathing are synonymous with self care, and for great reason. Is there anything better than relaxing in a warm bath at the end of a long day? From the suds, soaking, scrubbing to the steam, bath time has some amazing health boosting properties.

  • Relax your central nervous system.  The warm water of a bath instantly sends relaxing signals to your central nervous system. This calms both your body and your mind down and soothes your soul. Baths are an amazing way to gently let your nervous system relax and let go of the stresses, anxiety or worries of the day. Add some lavender or camomile essential oil to your bath water and breathe deep for increased relaxation.
  • Soothe aching muscles. Bathing with salts are amazing for when you’ve got muscle cramps or aches. The well known Epsom Salts and newly popular Himalayan Salts are packed with trace minerals that the body craves such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. The heat of the bath water is like a full body heat pack which helps your muscles let go of tension and when the skin absorbs the salts it releases physical toxins. Salt and pepper baths are amazing for muscle tension and pain relief as the salt soaks into your system and dehydrates the cells, reducing inflammation and pain and the pepper naturally increases your circulation and gets blood flowing to soothe tense muscles. 
  • Steam away colds and flus. Baths when you’re ill can help you regulate your body temperature. A cooler bath will relieve a fever while a warmer one can soothe chills. Steam from a warm bath has added cold and flu benefits by gently releasing sinus blockage and build up. Pour a few drops of eucalyptus, rosemary or mint essential oils to your bath to help you breathe easier through cold and flu season.
  • Soak skin ailments. Bathing is a wonderfully gentle way to open your pores and soothe your skin. While your pores are open, use a face mask or body scrub which contains natural cleansers like tea tree or witch hazel to treat acne or oil build up. Experiencing skin irritation such as sunburn or eczema? Add oatmeal, milk or honey to your bath for some amazing skin soothing benefits. 
  • Set up for sleep. Baths at the end of the day help you wash away your stresses. Soaking in warm, lightly scented water is an incredible set up for a great night’s sleep. By taking the time for yourself to wind down mindfully, baths can be a signal to your mind and body that it’s time to relax and get ready for rest. Setting time aside each night for a bath before bed sets a healthful routine which will aid in deeper and more restful sleep.

Relaxing, soothing and healing - baths and bathing are an essential self care sanctuary. All of the bathing products sold at The Jamila contain natural and organic essential oils to relax or revive your body and soul. Adding a few drops, pumps or spoons of a gorgeous organic product will heighten your experience and show self love. Customise your self care and elevate your health and wellness.


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