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vowBrow is the perfect brow pencil to help you achieve any brow shape. Tested by an Artist on different brows, shapes, and skin tones, and made for you to use every day. Easily define, fill, and shape. vowBrow’s fine 1.7mm tip and firm formula allows for a precise application, assisting you in making natural hair strokes. Use the spoolie brush to help groom and blend. vowBrow comes in three shades that work on all skin tones. Always made with clean ingredients that don’t compromise on performance.

How to choose your perfect shade:

First, look at the shade of your brow hair. That should be the first guide in choosing your pencil.  If your brow hair is dark and you want to fill in but soften your brows, go a shade lighter.  If you are trying to define your brows, go with the shade closest to your hair color.  If you are trying to deepen your brows, go with one shade darker.  Example: If you have blonde hair but want to darken your brows, go with the medium pencil.

Light: Blonde hair, grey hair, (or light brown hair but trying to avoid making your brows darker, but filling in some areas)

(Red, auburn, or copper hair will choose between Light or Medium.  It depends on how dark your hair is.  Generally Light will be the perfect pencil, but if you are a darker, richer red color Medium would be the way to go.)

Medium: Light brown hair, brown hair, (or black hair but trying to avoid making your brows darker, but filling in some areas)

Dark: Dark brown hair, black hair. If you have dark brown/black hair but light/medium skin, you can use medium if you don’t want to deepen your brows, but need to fill them in.


Take off the cap, and give the pencil one quarter turn.  The formula is firm to give the most realistic hair strokes, so you don’t want too much pencil exposed.

Define and fill brow shape using feather-light strokes for a perfectly defined brow.

Use the spoolie side of pencil to gently brush brow hairs up and shape.  It’s also an amazing blending tool.

Always twist the tip back down after using to improve longevity and usage of product.


To prep your brows for the perfect application, dust translucent powder through brows with a fluffy brush.  This will help the product apply with more precision, as skincare or foundation can usually get in the way of a great brow application.

• Brush up brows with the spoolie side of the pencil.

• Determine where there are gaps, holes, and sparse areas.

• Start on the outer half of brow- first from the arch to the outer corner.

• Use vowBrow to measure from the outer edge of your nose to the outer corner of the eye. This is your ideal brow length.

• Create hair like strokes with vowBrow. To do so, mimic the natural direction your hair grows with pencil, starting at the root of the hair.

• Once the outer half of your brow is filled, repeat same steps on the inner half.

• Use your spoolie brush as you go to blend product into your brow, and as a guide to see where you need more product.



Talc, parabens, nanoparticles, alcohol and fragrance.


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