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Island Rose:

Tinted and moisturizing lip balm made from cold pressed nutrient rich plant oils 

The rose has always been appreciated for its healing properties in the Arab world, this lip balm is scented with rose essential oil, and tinted to match a “dusty” rose. Using pearl powder as the white tint to make the red mineral iron oxide pink. 




Neroli & Mastic:

Light, fresh and shimmery lip balm to catch the summer light. Made from cold pressed nutrient rich plant oils.

Exploring the culinary flavors of the Levant. We went for a shimmery lip balm and highlighter to capture that sunshine on the summer sea. The Neroli will lift your mood, while mastic will heal lips. 




Sweet Olive:

Light and Vegan lip balm made from cold pressed nutrient rich plant oils

In this lip balm, nourishing olive oil is scented with Osmanthus flowers, from a species of an Asian olive tree not known to the Mediterranean. The flower is an autumn blossom with a very short season. Unlike the Mediterranean olive tree, the Asian olive tree flowers for a short time in Autumn.




Arabic Coffee:

Protective and moisturizing lip balm made from rich plant butters 

We have added a subtle hint of spices to conjure up the exotic aroma of our region’s iconic coffee.  The spices go well with the rich butters that moisturize and nourish the delicate lip area. 




Date Seed:

Subtly scented lip balm made from cold pressed nutrient rich plant oils 

Date seeds come in many shapes and colors, each reflecting different properties; the date seed oil is made from a mix of all of them together. We chose red packaging, because the red variety is the auspicious one. When the red date appears, it announces that the harvest is coming. Hence its Arabic name, “al mubashir”, the bringer of good news. 

We hope, with this color, you will have good news to share. 


Native  |  Plant-based


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